As a small child, I made it quite a habit to keep a small notebook of all the silly, deep, or feels-inducing quotes that I found in my everyday life. And considering how often I played video games, read comic books, novels, more often than not these quotes had a pretty high tendency to come from any one of these things.

You have no idea the amount of times the people in my life harassed me for this, particularly when it came to sources (video games usually, sorry/not sorry).

I know I should not be doing this, I should leave entertainment to stay as it is: entertainment. However, I have decided to take these quotes that I have collected over the years and completely overthink them. I will analyze, question, critique, and pull up random facts to get to the bottom of each quote. Essentially: quote commentaries.

This blog will also more than likely touch on things other than quotes, but the theme will stay the same: video games, comics, books, novels.